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I am and Sonya

You are welcome at my site - Internet representation of the Siberian Cats Breeding Nursery "Volgskaya Krasa". I am Irene Zaikina - the head of breeding nursery with the office in Saratov, Russia.

From early childhood I'd been interested in domestic and exotic animals Afterwards my hobby had an influence upon the profession choice. So I graduated biology faculty.


Great works of famous authors like as Grzhimek and Gerald Darrell impressed me, their books were my favorite reading and I wanted to lost in virtual reality of their stories. Alas, my house was not so big as the Jersey's Ireland that is why I'd chosen just cats.


To know better cat's habits and manners I decided to join breeding society and visit special courses that insured I knew much all about Siberian Cats.


I wanted to get a cat easy in caring without everyday's carding and trimming at the same time with strong constitution and temperate nature. Siberian Cats met all my requirements, This breed's firstly known as rare enough and far from commercial breeding.


With the help of one of the best Siberian Cats expert miss T.S. Emelyanova I became the owner of small kitten (later named as Bulochka Siberian Lada) with brilliant pedigree from famous breeding fanciers in Moscow.


Some tames lately Bulochka participated at a first cat's show, and regarded as "Best junior cat in show". Bulochka were winner of all International and World shows in which we took part. She is affectionate and loving with the firm nature, course became favorite among enthusiasts. Soon Bulochka became mom and the father of beautiful kittens was the big colored cat (black, sliver, striped) Gr. Int. Ch. Fenist from Russian Kings of Siberian's Forests. This couple brought into the world excellent litter that up today is principal blue blood of "Volgskaya Krasa" with the ten years history.


And it was naturally that all kittens of Bulochka afterwards got champion's titles.

  • Ruslan (ns-23) (owner - mss. T. Sorokina) - World champion, GR TICA, general blood of breeding nursery "Taurus"
  • Ustinia Volgskaya Krasa (n-22) - Gr. Int. Ch.
  • Anfisa Volgskaya Krasa (ns-22) - Gr. Int. Ch.
  • Bogdan Volgskaya Krasa (n-22) (owner mss. E.Pavlyukova) - World champion
  • Glasha Volgskaya Krasa (n-23) (owner mss. L.Koritnikova) - World champion, winner of "Eurasia-2004" show in Ekaterinburg, Russia

Nowadays Bulochka's children kittens and grandchildren kittens become winners and get "Best of the Show" in leading International Shows.

Since 1996 we had being breeding black striped, marble and silver Siberians. Recently "Volgskaya Krasa" enriched with perfect blood cat "Barbara Vemas" from Moscow fanciers. Now Barbara's kittens are titled as "Best of the Show" and are welcome at many International Shows for gaining more prestige of shows. Now I am breeding Siberians with gold colored fur, coon and silver.

From year to year personally I myself proved in the twelve-years ago choice of Siberians. Siberians are harmonious, most close to nature itself and most developed by nature itself.

Siberians of "Volgskaya Krasa" are blue blood original Russian cats representatives in many countries all over the world.

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